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37° 48′ S: artists navigate MELBOURNE

Judy is a part of 37°48′ S: artists navigate MELBOURNE, a contemporary Australian print exhibition, curated by Dianna Gold & Carmel Wallace. The exhibition is showing in Melbourne and then travelling internationally.

37° 48′ S: artists navigate MELBOURNE is a visual art project exploring the cultural diversity of contemporary Australia as exemplified by life in Melbourne. Twelve Melbourne artists consider the cultural, natural and built environments of their city using street-art practices and traditional printmaking.

The 37° 48′ S: artists navigate MELBOURNE project artists are:

Angela Cavalieri, Bindi Cole, Judy Holding, Cat Poljski, Debra Luccio, Rone, Rona Green, Eolo Paul Bottaro, Carmel Wallace, Regan Tamanui aka HA! HA! , Heather Shimmen, and Marco Luccio.

Check out the project on curator Carmel Wallace’s website here, and on Facebook here.

Image: Edinburgh Gardens (detail), 760 x 560 mm, silkscreen print, 2014. See the full print in the Works on Paper portfolio.

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